How to Use

The CSAE Online Buyer’s Guide is a market buyers and sellers exchange used to search for products and services within your industry. There are several search tools located within the Buyer’s Guide to help you find what you are looking for. Learn how to use the Buyer’s Guide efficiently by following these basic tips:

Keyword Search
Enter any word or phrase into the “Search Listing” field to find all listings containing that word or phrase. For example, a query of “accounting services” will present all listings that offer accounting services and other financial assistance and will pull companies from categories that include that keyword. You can also search by company, location, contact name and category.

Auto Suggest Functionality
Now when typing in a search term, the auto-suggest feature will begin populating searchable items across listings on the site according to the above search parameters for easy selection.

Category Search
You can also search for any basic and premier listing by utilizing the list of product/service categories on the Buyer’s Guide. By clicking on a particular category, you will be navigated to a results page showing all listings associated with that category.

Learn more about how to be listed on the CSAE Buyer’s Guide by clicking here.
Enjoy your experience!